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Total Recovery Reconstruction Kit (Porosity Reconstructor + Cuticle Repair)

Total Recovery Reconstruction Kit (Porosity Reconstructor + Cuticle Repair)

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Recovery Line: Total Reconstruction for Damaged Hair

Experience the revolution in hair care with the Recovery Line, a complete line dedicated to the total reconstruction of damaged, brittle or porous hair. This powerful line is formulated to restore hair health, filling the fiber, strengthening and providing a complete transformation. Especially indicated for strands that have undergone chemical processes, the Recovery Line is the solution to recover the natural beauty of your hair.

Step 1: Porosity Reconstructor 500ml - Deep Restoration:

The first step to magnificent hair begins with our Porosity Reconstructor. Enriched with a unique combination of active ingredients such as Collagen, Keratin, Blend of 11 Oils, Bio Restore and Cosmforce, this reconstructor penetrates deeply into the hair fiber, filling porosity and providing intensive restoration. Feel the difference from the first use, as your hair gains strength, manageability and a brilliant shine.

Step 2: Cuticle Repair 500ml - Renewed Hair:

Continue your reconstruction journey with the Cuticle Repairer, the second essential step of the Recovery Line. Using the same powerful formula as Porosity Reconstructor, this repair works to strengthen hair cuticles, providing a protective barrier against future damage. Enjoy renewed, soft and shiny hair.

The Recovery Line is not just a line of products, it is an intensive treatment that restores the vitality of your hair from the first use.

Restrictions: Compatible with all hair types.

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