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MQ Professional Pro480 Turbo Flat Iron

MQ Professional Pro480 Turbo Flat Iron

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Turbo up your progressives with the MQ Pro 480 Turbo Professional Flat Iron

No more wasting time straightening! With the Turbo board you will make perfect progressives much faster and with the best cost-benefit. Your day will be much more productive with the agility and temperature of the MQ Pro480 Turbo Titanium board, which reaches 485°F in Turbo Mode. Work with the 5 temperature levels most used in salons, it is now easy to adjust the straightener for the main hair types. Your salon will be known for its speed and quality when it comes to creating a mirror smooth look!

Why will the Turbo board make your day more productive?

  • Deliver mirror-smooth finish in just 3 passes
  • Make flawless progressives in record time
  • Serve two customers in one time
  • Very easy and quick for you to adjust the temperature
  • Have the 5 most used temperature levels in salons
  • Use maximum temperature of 485°F with Turbo Mode
  • Save time straightening thicker hair

Learn a little more:

We present the revolutionary MQ Pro480 Turbo Titanium straightener, the straightener that provides perfect progression faster!

You deserve the best professional tool to deliver to your clients an impeccable result. With the Pro480 Turbo, you will have the best value for money, providing the much-desired mirror-smooth hair in just three passes.

With 5 adjustable temperature levels and a powerful 485 turbo mode °F, the MQ Pro 480 Turbo Professional Straightener is the best straightener on the market. Furthermore, it offers the ideal heat for any type of hair, guaranteeing exceptional results and the necessary care in each procedure.

The ultra-smooth titanium plate technology guarantees smooth glide through the strands, reducing the effort required and improving your comfort throughout the day. This innovation speeds up straightening procedures, allowing you to serve two clients in the time it would take with a regular straightener.

In addition, the Pro480 Turbo has Japanese components recognized worldwide for their stability and safety , thanks to MCH technologies, which maintain the temperature effectively, and HSC, Heating Safe Control, which provide ultra-fast heating and immediate temperature recovery.

Its bold design, completely black with details in an elegant darkened silver color, combined with the comfort provided by its floating plates, makes the Pro480 Turbo the perfect choice for prolonged use, without causing physical wear and tear.

Don't waste time with straighteners common. Take your work to a new level with the MQ Pro480 Turbo straightener and surprise your clients with exceptional results with each straightening procedure. Save time, increase your productivity and earn the trust and satisfaction of your customers with MQ Professional's cutting-edge technology.

Transform your services and stand out in the market with MQ Pro480 Turbo - your best ally for perfect straight hair!

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