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Total Mirror Effect Transformation Kit (Shampoo, Progressive Mask and Leave-In)

Total Mirror Effect Transformation Kit (Shampoo, Progressive Mask and Leave-In)

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Mirror Effect Line: Reflecting the Beauty You Deserve

Discover the magic of the Mirror Effect Line, an exclusive hair care collection designed to provide a stunning transformation to your strands and an unusual straightness. Composed of a powerful trio - Preparatory Shampoo, Hair Transformation Mask and Supreme Smooth Leave-in - this line is formulated with premium ingredients to guarantee surprising results.

1. Preparatory Shampoo 500ml - Intense Shine and Deep Cleansing:

Get ready for a deep cleansing and renewing experience with our Preparatory Shampoo. Infused with the sophistication of Silk Protein, Bio-Restore and Ceramides, this shampoo not only gently cleanses, but deeply cleanses, removing all hair residue. Its exclusive formula not only purifies, but also prepares your hair for the mask's smoothing transformation, providing intense shine and a perfect base for the subsequent treatment.

2. Hair Transformation Mask 1kg - Perfect and Silky Smooth:

Transform your hair with the Hair Transformation Mask, a revolution in straightening and care. With D Panthenol, Shea Butter, Collagen and Biotin, this mask goes further, offering a perfect, silky smooth, full of emollience and shine. In addition to its straightening action, enjoy deep hydration that revitalizes each strand, providing an irresistible texture.

3. Supreme Smooth Leave-in 200ml - Mirror Effect:

Finish your beauty ritual with the Smooth Supreme Leave-in. With a lush mixture of Ojon Oil, Keratin and Rosehip Oil, this leave-in creates a protective shield around the hair, providing an irresistible mirror effect. Smoother, shinier hair with a silky touch that lasts all day.

Sensitivity and Allergic Reactions: It is important to perform allergy tests on a strand before applying the product completely.

Variable Results:
The results of organic progressive treatment may vary depending on the type of hair, hair health, application technique and the quality of the products used. The results will not always be the same for everyone.

The durability of organic progressive is permanent as long as the hair is properly cared for before and after the treatment. application of the product.

Restrictions during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding:
Pregnant or breastfeeding women should consult a doctor before carrying out any chemical procedure on their hair, including organic progressive , due to concerns about exposure to certain chemicals.

Adequate Maintenance:
To prolong the results of organic progressive hair and ensure hair health, it is important to use maintenance products recommended by the professional who carried out the treatment and follow the specific care instructions for each hair type.

Compatibility with Other Treatments:

Ammonium Thioglycolate;
Use from 04 months.

Use from 6 months.

Use from 10 days.

Use from 03 months.

Do not use on elastic hair.

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